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Water Quality & You

The Program

We are currently engaged in a water and land conservation program in Mountain View County titled Water Quality and You.

Land conservation is essential to the health of the Red Deer River. We created this program to promote voluntary land conservation and land stewardship practices along the upper reaches of the Red Deer River and its tributaries — and to promote the benefits of conservation easements.

Water Quality and You involves identifying properties and landowners in the Red Deer River Riparian Area that support improving water quality. We are engaging with those landowners to hear their concerns, share their stories and provide helpful tools and stewardship options for conservation projects.

The Red Deer River & Riparian Areas

The Red Deer River is truly an Alberta river, fed by meltwater and glacial streams in the Canadian Rocky Mountains and numerous freshwater springs and tributaries.

It traverses mountains, foothills, rangeland, rural acreages, industrial land, oil and coal deposits, cities, towns, forests and croplands across Southern Alberta before joining up with the South Saskatchewan River in Saskatchewan.

The area surrounding the river — known as a riparian area — provides an abundance of vegetation and wildlife habitat to the region. Gravel-bed rivers like the Red Deer River and their floodplains are a ribbon of biodiversity and play an essential role in overall health and function of the surrounding and downstream landscape and communities.

Conserving these lands is important for protecting Alberta’s water quality as population growth, droughts, and agricultural and industrial development increase demand on the province's water supplies.

Next Steps ...

We have finished mapping and identifying landowners within the Red Deer River Riparian Area and have begun reaching out to them.

Selected landowners will receive free guides and resources which are also available for download below.

We gratefully acknowledge funding for this project from

and Watershed Resiliency and Restoration Program

Documents for download

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