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About Us

What We Do

The Legacy Land Trust Society offers private land owners in & around Alberta's Mountain View County, its communities, and local governments:

  • a resource to conserve
    • agricultural land,
    • ecologically sensitive land,
    • wildlife habitat and corridors,
    • significant historical and archeological sites
  • the opportunity through voluntary agreements to place all or a portion of their land under sustainable conservation stewardship for the benefit of present & future generations.

Our Goal

The Legacy Land Trust Society’s goal is to build a community that shares a commitment to conservation and stewardship. It will strive to achieve this goal by building positive community and government relationships based on trust, openness, and integrity. It will increase community awareness and sensitivity to the value of conservation through education and outreach activities.

Benefits to the Community

The Legacy Land Trust Society’s work will result in a robust collaboration with a community that enjoys sustainable food production, clean watersheds, viable wildlife habitat and corridors, protection for ecologically sensitive areas and responsible outdoor recreation. The community will gain a sense of ownership and responsibility for the conservation of its land, culture and history, striving to benefit the public and landowners in the mandated region of Legacy Land Trust Society.

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