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Legacy Land Trust Society


Our goal is to build a community that shares a commitment to conservation and stewardship of the land.

Ecologically sensitive land, wildlife habitat and corridors, agricultural land, and significant historical and archeological sites are all of importance to Legacy.

We offer resources and support to those who share our goal — and we invite you to join our efforts.

Hover Fly

Thanks to Everyone Who Donated

We're excited! Our Pollinators Campaign raised $7,370 so we're well on our way to bringing you some exciting pollinator events this year! 🐝

Bumble Bee

Get Your Buzz On!

Bumble Bees are great pollinators. Unfortunately their populations are declining, in large part due to habitat loss.

Your donation will help Legacy conserve and create habitat for these delightful bees.

Get a Buzz When You Donate!

Leafcutter Bee

She's A Cut-up. Bee-Leaf It!

Leafcutter Bees are one of more than 300 species of wild bees in Alberta.

Healthy populations of wild pollinators like these bees mean healthy ecosystems—for us and for wildlife.

But these small bees face increasing threats, from loss of habitat and pesticides to climate change and competition from Honey Bees.

Legacy's conservation programs conserve places for wild pollinators to live, feed and raise their young. 


Hummingbird Moth by Marilyn Phillips

A Fundraising HUM-dinger!

Native bees, flies, butterflies and moths—like this large Hummingbird Moth photographed by Marilyn Phillips—play crucial roles in pollinating domestic and wild plants.

Wild pollinators are the unsung heroes of food production for both human and wildlife.

Healthy ecosystems depend on populations of healthy wild pollinators.

Your donation will help us continue our work for conservation.


Long-tailed Weasel by Gwen Tomlin

It's A Bestseller!

If you didn't get your copy, we have a few left.

Your purchase of a calendar for $20 supports Legacy's conservation and stewardship efforts. 

Copies are available at our office in Olds

Thanks to Our Calendar Donors!

Our thanks to the three generous donors who made our 2021 Calendar possible! We couldn't have done this without you. 🙂


Our Circle of Friends

Do you enjoy nature and open spaces? Want to meet like-minded folks? Interested in volunteering? Our Circle of Friends might be just what you're looking for!

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